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Slow Motion Frame Video Player App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Slow Motion Frame Video Player for Android letyou play HD/SD videos, control video frame rate, audio pitch andapply color filter for B/W effect. This video player take advantageof media hardware acceleration so it consumes low CPU power anduses battery power in most efficient way. Also, you can manage,search, sort and share your videos with easy to useinterface. Continue reading

VLC HD Remote (+ Stream) App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

VLC HD Remote is a free app for using yourAndroid device as remote control for all versions of the VLC videoplayer, including VLC 2.0.

VLC HD Remote is a high quality app, easy to use and offers allfeatures one could expect of a VLC remote, such as VLC playlistsand DVD controls.

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MKV Media Video Player 720p App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

MKV media player is all in one player, itplaysall the popular video and audio files.
In addition lets you to stream over network.

Video Player
Plays all video formats smoothly. .mkv .ac3. .mp4 .flv .avi.3gp.webm .avi .iso and many more..

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Album Art Grabber App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Download missing album art for your albums.

✓ One click downloads all your missing album art
✓ Data from LastFM & MusicBrainz
✓ Manual cover load from Gallery
✓ Auto-save to SDCard
✓ Auto-lookup album art when new album is added
✓ Custom search by artist or album
✓ Built in media scanner

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KIDS FOR TUBE App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Cell phone to show me YouTube videosofbabies
Want to see the content is different.
Made it so.

Child-specific folder (you can include a photo) to create
Manage content for different children’d want to see is thepurposeof this app.

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4K Video Player App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Key Features:

– AC3 Audio supported.
– Fast play / Slow motion
– Sleep timer and subtitles delay/lead
– automatic search all mobile phone video and music files
– Audio only mode and Music Player
– supports all video and audio playback formats
– supports multiple subtitle formats, automaticsynchronization
– using hardware decoding, take advantage of hardwareacceleration
– small memory, simple operation, quick start, smooth playbacksupport
– Flash formats video – flv, asf videos
– Auto rescan card on startup
– New Lollipop Friendly version.
– Thumbnail displays of videos
– HD video playing memory optimization
– Playing gesture
– Play History list
– Connect online video.
– Playback speed control
– No plugins required
– Sleep time setting
– Add subtitle file

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Easy video convert App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Easy video convert –

This app can help you in converting Video files to Mp 3.

Remove Audio from a video file.

Change audio of video selected.

Trim audio file.

Rotate video both clockwise and anti clockwise.

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Easy Photoshop CS3 Training App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

This mobile app will teach you how to usePhotoshop CS3 software. You can select and learn each topics atanytime and anywhere without the need of Internet access. So startto learn now!

– 32 + video lessons
– Each video can be downloadable to your device
– Click and learn each topics
– Learn at your comfortable place or anywhere without the need ofInternet access.

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Audio Video Converter App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

A free audio and video converter tool, thatwill help you to do conversion between most known multimedia filetypes.

Nowadays, there exist a lot of video and audio formats. And yourphone may not play them all. as a result , if you have downloadedany other formats they will be shown as unsupported on your phone.To help you solve this problem, we have introduced this convertertool witch support a large list of multimedia files types. You canreformat videos and audio as you like. And do a lot of operationsincluding the following:

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Media Converter App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Media Converter allows you to convert allkinds of media formats to popular media formats: mp3, mp4(mpeg4/h264,aac), ogg (theora, flac) , avi (mpeg4, mp3), mpeg(mpeg1, mp2), flv (flv, mp3), gif and wav. Also audio profiles: m4a(aac-audio only), 3ga (aac-audio only), oga (flac-audio only) areavailable for convenience. Continue reading