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Manoto App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

در سال‌های اخیر همراه با گسترش تکنولوژی‌گوشی‌های هوشمند، بیشتر رسانه‌ها و وب‌سایت‌های دنیا به سمتبه‌کارگیری اپلیکیشن‌های موبایل رو آورده‌اند.
حتما شما هم از آن گروه از کاربران ما هستید که مشتاقانه منتظر اینامکان بوده‌اید تا بتوانید در هرجایی که هستید خیلی ساده و بدوندردسر، تنها از طریق گوشی موبایل خود برنامه‌های ما را تماشا کنید.شبکه فارسی زبان من و تو نیز در همین راستا و با بهره‌مندی ازپیشرفته‌ترین تکنولوژی‌ روز جهان، اپلیکیشن موبایل خود را برایگوشی‌های اندروید طراحی و عرضه کرده است. این اپلیکیشن به شما امکانمی‌دهد تا بتوانید در هر نقطه از جهان تنها با لمس گوشی موبایل خود بهبرنامه‌ها و اخبار ما دسترسی داشته باشید.

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  • دانلود app manoto برای ویندوز

Video Editor: Rotate,Flip,Slow motion, Merge& more App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

***** Easy to use and simple Video Editor*****

Slow Motion Video:-
Using this Video Editor, You can easily convert any video into Slowmotion video

Fast Motion Video:-
Using this Video Editor, You can also convert any video into Fastmotion video

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Slow Motion Video Player HD App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

The Media Player is most advanced featurepacked player available for free.

Play Audio and Video files from .25x to 4x motion speeds.
Control the playing speed of all audio and video formats of allqualities like 360p,480p, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K,48kbps, 64kbps 128kbps, 360kbps.

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Mobil Canlı Tv App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Ödüllü Android Uygulaması

Mobil Canlı Tv uygulaması televizyonların canlı yayınlarınıizleyebileceğiniz, günlük yayın akışını kaliteli bir arayüzdegösteren, programları size hatırlatan, şu anda hangi programlarınyayınlandığını gösteren, programları sevdiğiniz kategorilere ayıranbir uygulamadır.

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Video Editor App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Video Editor – Kuvi with PIP Video, is themost popular video editor & movie maker . With Video Editor -Kuvi , tell your amazing MV story with popular free copyright musicto the world ! Your best video maker! Continue reading

Slow Motion Video FX App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Make a slow motion video! You can also makemagic fast motion video. Output video can be uploaded to Youtube orInstagram – show your friends and get hundreds of ‘likes’!

Slow Motion Video FX lets you choose the speed of the output movie.A few ideas:
– record your speech and make it slow – you’ll sound reallystrange
– make your speech fast – you will sound like a tiny littlemouse!
– record some objects falling down like – table spoon, nuts, seedsand… make it slow – it will look funny!
– record you spitting water and slow it down
– record your pets in slow motion
– and of course all other ideas that come to your mind:)

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PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

PlayerXtreme Media Player is the most popularcross-platform audio, video, movie and online streaming Player foriPhone now available on Google Play Store. With this Free MediaPlayer you can watch videos, movies, listen to music and more withmesmerizing audio video results, on the go from anywhere even ifthey’re in any format even if they don’t normally play or even syncwith your Phone or Tablet! Download PlayerXtreme Media Player &start transferring & watching your favorite movies in HDwithout conversion!

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On label App :

  • https://appforpcwindows download/tag/playerxtreme-media-player-movies-streaming-alternative-for-pc/

Video Maker App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

The most fun video and music video maker used by millions of people.
With fun animate video editor, you can instantly transform an everyday moment into a creative video with awesome visual effects. you can create cool videos with never before seen real-time effects.

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Reverse Movie FX – magic video App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

Reverse Movie FX is an app that lets youcreate a reverse video that looks like a magic trick! First recorda video of someone (or you): walking, drinking orange juice,talking or any other idea that comes to your head! After thatselect a desired movie fragment and press start! The app willreverse your video: you will see people walking backwards, yourfriend spitting the juice out, people talking backwards!

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Video Slow Reverse Player App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

The only video player with feature to save inslow fast and reverse motion
Video Slow Pro Player Supports all Video Formats.Now you cansave slow motion videos(API level 17+) and share them.
It Show all your videos in a nice way with the new videolisting.
This player has a distinguishing feature to control video playback speed with clear audio.
The Players UI is designed to be very user friendly with verysimple easy to use controls
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