SyncMe Wireless App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

SyncMe Wireless 3.0.9313 For Pc / Laptop / Dekstop Windows Basic Information

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  • Last Version : 3.0.9313
  • Update On : 2017-12-04
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Copy, move, sync and backup your mp3, picturesand documents over WiFi, USB tethering, cellular VPN or wirednetwork to your computer or NAS device. Nothing to be installed onyour computer. Sync automatically even before you enter your homewith ‘If connected to WiFi router’.

SyncMe Wireless App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download
SyncMe Wireless App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download

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SHARING MUST BE ENABLED ON YOUR COMPUTER, the simplest way to dothis on Windows is to right click the folder you wish tosynchronize select Share With and go with the instructions. Restartof the PC sometimes is needed when sharing for the very firsttime.
For best performance when screen goes off, configure WiFi sleeppolicy to Never and Best WiFi Performance in your deviceSettings-Wireless&Networks-WiFi Settings-Advanced (you may needto hit menu button to get to the Advanced).


Two and one-way sync.
Sync deletions.
Schedule sync by combination of interval, exact time of the day,weekday, when device connects to a specific WiFi router and whenpower charging.
Include/exclude filter for hidden, read protected, individualfiles/folders, file name pattern, file type (extension), filedate.
VPN and Portable WiFi Hot Spot over cellular connections.
Wake up PC (WOL) either manually or on a scheduled sync.
Organize pictures by date and/or address.
Organize mp3 music by artist and/or album and rename to theoriginal song name.
Cut, copy, paste, preview remote and local files.

Uses Windows shares, Samba on Linux and older Macs, CIFS (SMB)protocol.

Hidden sneaky costs: There are four premium (paid) features in thisapp: 1) Schedule with router 2) Weekly schedule 3) Include/Excludedirectories and files, new extensions and regular expressions 4)Wake up PC before sync. One time ~3$ donation covers them all andany upcoming premium feature. Previous version 1$ per featurepayments can be asked to refund by email if donation is made.

Known issues:
1) Insufficient resources error on Windows:
Check file path on Windows, paths are limited to 260 characterafter long files names were replaced with their short names.
Also looks like Windows sometimes is not fast enough to reclaimresources. Changing registry seems to help:”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesLanmanServerParametersSize”3

2) Devices with Android 4.4.2 update do not have write permissionfor external sd card. Nothing I can do about it.

3) Paid features sometimes do not unlock. Reinstalling app/waitingfor a few hours usually resolves the issue.

4) App will fail without warning or error on file/directory nameshaving more than 127 non- ASCII and 255 ASCII characterslong.

5) Some routers with NAS capability (USB plug), have no permissionto update time stamps on FAT volumes. Workaround – format usb flashdrive or external hard drive NTFS.

6) Windows 8.1 seems to use email address instead of normal username on some configurations.

7) Unsupported request error or incorrect disk is full message,computer probably does not support free space request. Set diskspace limit to 0 in the app’s Settings.

8) Order validation failed upon reinstallation – send me an email,will be fixed for the next version.

9) Directories ending with dot (.) are not supported neither bySamba nor by Windows. Exclude these directories using app’sFilter.

This software was tested with PCs running Windows (XP, 7, 8),Linux. Works on Mac but was not officially tested.

How to Install SyncMe Wireless on a PC Windows?

Since SyncMe Wireless is basically designed for android platform, it is essential to install BlueStacks Emulator on Windows based PC to make this app run perfecly.

  1.  Download Bluestack Installer and Install it.
  2. After the BlueStack Android Emulator is installed, open the the browser that avaliable on menu. And type Also you can directly click this link SyncMe Wireless App Apk For PC Windows 10 8 7 Download for your browser. Alternative way, Just download SyncMe Wireless 3.0.9313by following  Download SyncMe Wireless 3.0.9313
  3. Open the SyncMe Wireless that you finished download before and double click the SyncMe Wireless app, and you will able to use SyncMe Wireless App For your PC Windows 10, 8 or 7.

PC requirements for running SyncMe Wireless App On Dekstop/Laptop

To start using SyncMe Wireless for PC + BlueStacks emulator functionality can only maintain on PC (under Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10 versions) under certain conditions. The appliance must have a good and authentic graphics card, along with minimum 2GB RAM.

How does the SyncMe Wireless App/Apk work on PC?

The app SyncMe Wireless works in the same manner as it is applicable on other devices; especially driven on android and iOs platforms. However, BlueStacks becomes necessary for proper functioning of this utility application.